Some of Tau Rho Alpha's Paper Models

Each of these paper models consist of one page with instructions and a model than can be cut out and assembled.  The scale of  the Globe model is designed to fit around a tennis ball, but it could be adjusted with a copy machine for balls of a different size.

The color versions of Tau's models are compliments of the Australian Geologic Survey Organization (AGSO).

Model JPEG or GIF Format PDF or DJVU Format
Seven Fault Models html format on USGS sitet  
Ocean Trench Model (black and white)   trench1a.pdf
trench final.pdf
Volcano Model (color) volcano_cmod.jpg volcano_cmod.pdf
Volcano Model (black and white) volcano_bmod.gif volcano_bmod.pdf
Globe Model (color) * globe.jpg globe.pdf
Globe Model (black&white) globeopenfile.gif globe.djvu
Slump Model (color) slump.jpg slump.pdf
Nautiloid Model (color) nautiloi.jpg nautiloi.pdf
Trilobite Model (color) trilobit.jpg trilobit.pdf
*The globe model works best with tennis balls.  Check with the nearest tennis club for worn out balls, as this is a good way to recycle them.
I also found inexpensive plastic balls at a "dollar" store.  Five for $1 is less expensive than Styrofoam balls, which are another option.  These plastic balls are slightly larger than tennis balls, so the pattern would need to be expanded a few percent when copies are being made.