Earthquake Effects

A computer animation and paper model


Tau Rho Alpha, Robert A. Page, and Leslie C. Gordon

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Open-File Report 92-200
Menlo Park, California


This report illustrates, by means of a computer animation, how an earthquake occurs and what types of damage may result. The report is intended to help students and others visualize what causes earthquake shaking and some of the possible results of the shaking. By studying the animation and the paper model, students will come to understand that earthquakes result from faulting in the Earth and that the potential consequences of earthquakes are numerous and serious.

Included in this report are a template for making a paper model, instructions for assembly, educators' guide, and animations describing possible effects of an earthquake, including the collapse of structures, fire, and a tsunami.

For the following animations you will need to download a QuickTime player. Follow instructions on the Apple Site to obtain the free QuickTime player for Apple or Windows 95/98/NT computers.

For other platforms, players can be found on WWW sites such as WWW.SHAREWARE.COM.

Earthquake triggered collapse
  of structures Earthquake triggered collapse of structures.

QuickTime Format    Flash Format

Earthquake triggered tsunami Earthquake triggered tsunami.
Earthquake triggered fire Earthquake triggered fire.
Print, then follow assembly instructions Paper model. Print this page, then follow instructions for assembly.
Available as a .gif file, a PDF document, and a MS Word97 .doc file
Paper model assembly instructions. Paper model assembly instructions.

Educator's Guide Educator's Guide A few questions A few questions Vocabulary Vocabulary

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