Short "Bio" written 4/18/2005

John Lahr was always interested in science, probably due to the influence of his father,  who was a physical chemist.  He attended Rensselear Polytechnic Institute for a B.S. in Physics and continued at at Columbia University's Lamont Observatory (now called Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory) for his Ph.D. seismology .  From 1971 through 2003, John worked as a research seismologist for the U.S. Geological Survey.  For most of this time he was Project Chief of the Alaska Seismic Studies Project.  He worked at he USGS office in Menlo Park, California, until 1993, then moved to Fairbanks, Alaska, for four and a half years to complete the integration of the USGS's seismic network in Southern Alaska with the network run by the University of Alaska.  From 1997 through his retirement in 2003, John worked in Golden, Colorado, at the USGS National Earthquake Information Center.

One of the highlights of his career was the study of the eruption of  Redoubt volcano, which is located along the shore of Cook Inlet, Alaska, and within the southern Alaska seismic network of stations. With the aid of enhancements to the earthquake location program, HYPOELLIPSE, that he authored, he was able to shed light on the source of many of the signals emanating from this active volcano.

Since retiring, John has continued to be active in seismology education as a USGS Emeritus Scientist.  He has visited with many teachers around the U.S. who are running classroom seismic stations provided by IRIS (Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology) and has consulted with museums about interactive seismic displays.

In September, 2003, a student asked if I would answer some questions, as they had an assignment to interview a scientist.  I agreed and have posted the interview here.

I have published papers and abstracts on seismology. They are listed in my USGS Research Scientist Record, which is posted on the web here in html format:  http//, and here in MS Word format: http//


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