Earthquake Awareness Presentation

Disaster Relief During The October 2005 Kashmir Earthquake

Corvallis Library, 7-8 p.m., April 25, 2007

Wiley C Thompson, Doctoral Student, Oregon State University

On Saturday morning, October 8, 2005, the Kashmir region in northern Pakistan and India was rocked by a magnitude (Mw ) 7.6 earthquake. Estimates placed the death toll at 84,000 people. Stationed in nearby Afghanistan, Wiley was given the task of deploying to Pakistan with soldiers and aircraft in order to conduct immediate disaster relief. He will share pictures and speak both on the societal impacts of such a catastrophic event and on his experiences working with the many different countries and organizations that came together to relieve the suffering in Kashmir.

Wiley will also talk about the lessons he learned while working with such a diverse group and the culturally rewarding experience of meeting and helping the Pakistani people.

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He will share pictures and speak about the lessons learned and culturally rewarding experience he had in spite of the severe societal impacts.