Louisville Movie Theater Display for The Core

movie_poster.jpg (305709 bytes)

Jan Lahr and Lynn Hurst near the theater entrance.

volcano.jpg (215450 bytes)

Lynn Hurst's volcano model.

core_model.jpg (473187 bytes)

Lynn Hurst's model of the core.

esic.jpg (312907 bytes)

A poster giving information on the Earth Science Information Center (Map Sales) of the Denver Federal Center.

handouts.jpg (569687 bytes)

Tables displayed various handouts, bookmarks, etc.

iris1.jpg (271608 bytes) iris2.jpg (192361 bytes)

The IRIS poster "Exploring the Earth Using Seismology" drew a lot of attention.


temperature.jpg (250523 bytes)

This poster discussing the temperature of the Earth's interior is available in PDF format.  The color figure is from a talk by T. Ruedas, H. Schmeling, and G. Marquart.  See: