Costa Rica 2006

Seismology and Volcanology Workshop
For teachers from the San Carlos region.
Organized and sponsored by the Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica with help from CIENTEC and IRIS.
Held at the Arenal Volcano National Park Headquarters.

bulletDetailed Summary of Workshop with Activity Links
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The Fifth International Math Festival
This CIENTEC-sponsored Festival was held from March 29 to 31, 2006, at the University School of Puntarenas, Puntarenas, Costa Rica, with 65 exhibitors from Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, EE.UU, Mexico, Panama, Peru and Venezuela.  There were 65 different academic activities involving 5 different communities and 653 participants, including some from Chile, Guatemala and Ecuador. Summary photos of many of the activities and also of the wonderful reception that was provided in San Ramon are posted here:

John Lahr's participation was also supported by IRIS.


    Day 1 (Spanish) (Google Translation to English)
    Day 2 (Spanish) (Google Translation to English)
bulletJohn's Lessons (in MS Word format)
Three Methods of Earthquake Location
    Bisector Method
    Hyperbol Method
    S-P Circle Method

Logarithms and Earthquake Magnitude

The Earth’s Spherical Coordinate System

bulletFestival Photographs

Jan's walking tour of Puntarenas


Post-Festival Relaxation on the Caribbean coast


Links to all of the Festival's Lessons
The educational lessons that were presented at the Festival are posted on the CIENTEC web site, with hopes that they will be consulted and used by others around the globe.