Here are some of the demos that I have made:

elastic_rock.jpg (787999 bytes)

A granite rock core is cut with a diamond saw and mounted to a board to create a demonstration of the elasticity of rocks.


strip_chart.jpg (854466 bytes) A strip chart recorder with a small geophone attached can create a "souvenir" seismogram.


building_model.jpg (679551 bytes) A building model with skate wheels demonstrates resonance and soft first story effects.

As an alternative to this model, this 1.3 MB video in mov format shows how spaghetti noodles and raisins can be used to demonstrate resonance.  For another resonance demonstration, see the Exploratorium's Resonant Rings.


dipole_globe.jpg (662555 bytes) A rubber globe with a strong magnet inside uses staples to demonstrate the declination and inclination of a dipole field.  For more information, see this page.  The Exploratorium also has a good write up on this demo.


reverse_txt.jpg (871974 bytes) The small globe contains a coil.  The orientation of the magnetic field may be changed by reversing the battery wires.  For more information on the Earth's magnetic field, see:
reverse.jpg (812733 bytes)


repel.jpg (783758 bytes) A few small magnets illustrate that like poles repel and opposite poles attract.


science_is_fun.jpg (885643 bytes) The plastic strip has bumps arranged so that sliding a finger nail along the strips generates the words "Science is fun."  These may be purchased from Steve Spangler Science.



A totally mechanical seismograph to illustrate the principal of recording ground vibrations.  More details.


Spaghetti Building Models.

See how strong a building you can design using small marshmallows and spaghetti.