Date: Thu, 13 Jul 2000 03:24:45 EDT
Subject: Magnetometer / Auroral sites
Dear John,
    I sent this to Magnet a week or so ago..... You might be interested.....
    Measurement of the Earth's magnetic and electric fields are used for a
number of purposes, Navigation, Radio Propagation, Auroral studies, Meteor
studies, error signals in seismometers, Earthquake 'prediction', etc, and
there are a variety of Websites which give relevant information.
    This includes magnetograms, pulsations, ULF radio, sky cameras, aurorae
riometer, radar, MUF, E Field, data on the magnetosphere and space 'weather',
equipment of various kinds, methods of observation.....
    The European Magnetometry Sites are covered by the SAMNET in the UK,
IMAGE and MIRACLE chains of sites in Scandanavia and by DK0WCY in Germany.
    The SAMNET magnetometry array is at . There is a map of the stations.
Realtime Variometer outputs for X & Y for today are given and the X, Y & Z
graphs for yesterday for five stations are also displayed. Archive traces are
    The IMAGE network of 25 stations is at and again has archive material as well
as real time data.
    There are links to the MIRACLE network at
. This has Magnetometry links including magnetic pulse FFT's, Sky Cameras and
    DK0WCY gives a realtime magnetograms and various other information
related to Radio at This is the most southerly station.
    Radio related information links are provided by the Radio Society of
Great Britain at including auroral propagation
and meteor scatter. The Propagation Studies Webpage is at
    The Magnetic Observatories main page is at
    Space weather is at
    There is a HUGE LIST of Auroral, Magnetometry and other Websites on N1BUG
Web : Homepage at This includes all the US and
Canadian sites and there are several that have educational / historical /
scientific articles.  (Not working on 4/29/2006.)
    Some Australian / NZ data is at It
includes VLF radio, radar and there is a tutorial about the magnetosphere.
Flinders is at and
the IPS support page listing a lot of other sites / data types is at
    Auroral Pictures and links can be found at
    Low frequency Earth / Radio waves are also studied by the Elfrad group as precursors to seismic events.
    A VLF electric field probe receiver and a host of recordings of
lightning, whistlers, auroral and meteor signals / effects are at (This site is now missing.  If anyone knows where it went to, please let me know.  Thanks, John)
    The Astroweb astronomy database is at and there is more information on
the astronomy ftp sites file at
    I hope that these varied references are of interest..... It's a Big World
out there....

    Chris Chapman