Model Seismometer

The following model was displayed at the National Science Teacher Association (NSTA) meeting's Informal Science Share-A-Thon.
San Diego, CA, on March 28, 2002

mod_seis1.jpg (396658 bytes)

A strip of paper is pulled out of the front of the seismograph as the box is gently shaken.

mod_seis2.jpg (301148 bytes)

Paper supply roll is located at back of box.

This is my version.  The tin can is suspended from a loop of wire that only allows it to move in one direction.  A marking pen is pushed through a hole in the bottom of a can, which is then filled half way with small pebbles. 

The paper is pulled slowly out to the left and records the shaking of the box.


This design was developed by the California Science Center.
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