Shaking Up Classrooms with a Simple Seismograph from IRIS
NSTA, March 31, 2007: 15:30-16:30
America's Center, Room 263

Explore classroom uses for a simple seismograph and learn how to obtain your own for free! Teachers already running seismographs can discuss technical questions with a seismologist.

I. Introduction to IRIS Seismographs in Schools Program and this session - Lora Bleacher
Split into 2 groups:

Group 1 (for teachers who have an AS-1) - Q&A with John Lahr. Possible topics include:
Setting up SnagIt to share your helicorder image on the Internet in near-real time.
Recording data on more than one PC within a school building for the purpose of having a public display and/or so that two or more teachers can easily use data from the same instrument.
Filter settings - what are they and what are they used for?
Using SeismicWaves with an AmaSeis seismogram.

Group 2 (for teachers without an AS-1 yet)
Seismometry and AS-1 basics - Larry Braile
AmaSeis/data basics - Larry Braile
Classroom uses - Guest Teacher or Lora Bleacher
How to apply to the program - Lora Bleacher
Q&A - Lora Bleacher, Larry Braile, and Guest Teacher

Other Seismology-Related Presentations


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