Portland Public Schools Classroom Seismology Program

As part of the Portland Public Schoolís 2006 Summer Science Institute, which was organized Portlandís Science Curriculum Specialist, Roy Chambers, and University of Portland Professor Robert Butler, teachers from twelve schools participated in a two-day seismology workshop in June.  The focus of the workshop was learning enough about basic seismology in order to be able to operate a classroom seismic system.  Six AS-1 seismic systems and associated PC computers were provided by the IRIS (Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology) Education and Outreach Program.

The locations of the six seismic stations for the first half of the 2006-2007 school year are given in the file portland_schools.doc.

A magnitude 2.6 earthquake occurred beneath Portland on November 6, 2006.  A brief summary of this event is given in EqSummary.html.   Seismograms were recorded by four of the classroom systems and are shown in the file portland_seismograms.doc.

The S minus P interval from the station located at Sellwood Middle School has provided greater constraint on the location of this event, as describe in EqRelocation1.doc.