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Big Trouble in Earthquake Country
Use on-line earthquake hazard maps and other relevant geological information to assess hazards to life and property associated with hypothetical earthquakes.

Musical Plates: A Study of Plate Tectonics
This project taps into some of the exciting applications of the Internet in education by having students access real time earthquake data, interact with experts online, and publish their own work to the project web site.

Sites for Students

Welcome to Earthquakes For Teachers!
Find webpages that provide resources for teachers on the topics of earth structure, earthquakes, plate tectonics, and earthquake preparedness. 

Forces of Nature: Earthquakes
What are earthquakes? This interactive site shows you the how and why as well as the results of these shakes. See if you can figure out where the epicenter was! 

Bridge to Classroom
Designing and building a bridge to withstand earthquakes is no easy challenge. Explore the science, technology and people involved in the bridge with these interactive learning modules and simulations! 

Earthquake! Remote-Sensing Activities
Examine these images taken by satellite to determine the effect of seismic activity on urban development. 

Investigating Earthquakes
Look into the nature of earthquakes. Learn about faults and their characteristics. Discover whether earthquakes occur in any pattern or are influenced by causal relationships with other phenomena, even by other earthquakes.  

Life Along the Faultline
Let your mouse transport you to California's San Andreas fault-line system to learn what it's like to live along its path.

Life Along the Faultline
The how and why of earthquakes, and what scientists and engineers are studying about them. Webcasts, real-life stories, and videos bring it to life. Activities and an extensive links page provide further information. 

Earthquakes for Kids
Find a database on earthquakes. Learn cool earthquake facts, find science fair projects, learn how to become an earthquake scientist and MORE! 

Life Along The Faultline
Under some conditions, the earth can behave like a liquid when an earthquake hits. With a baking pan full of sand, some water, and a brick, you can see this for yourself 

Earth Science
Here you will find hands on learning activities and lesson plans for earthquakes and other earth science topics. 

Modified Mercalli Scale of Earthquake Intensity
This page describes the Modified Mercalli Intensity Scale, which differs from the Richter scale and is commonly used in the United States by seismologists seeking information on the severity of earthquake effects. 

Seismic Monitor
This site has a world map showing current earthquakes. It’s updated every 30 minutes, and you can link to an animation of a fault. 

The Largest Earthquakes, State by State
As you look at this table, click on a state for the date, location, and magnitude of the largest earthquake which had its epicenter in the state. 

Volcano Expedition to the Mariana Islands: The Ins and Outs of how Earth Works
A team of researchers traveled to the Mariana Islands to answer some of the most challenging questions of plate tectonics. Travel to the islands through this guided tour of photos, video, and day-by-day accounts of what the research team found.

Understanding Earthquakes
What have famous people said in the past about earthquakes? This site features historic accounts of earthquakes and a history of seismology. 

Earthquake Maps
Eight maps showing locations and magnitudes of earthquakes and status of active volcanoes.  

Texas Earthquakes
Have there been earthquakes in Texas? Does drilling for oil induce them? This site has answers to these and other common questions about earthquakes. 

Explore earthquakes through these "exhibits" on plate movement and seismographs.  

A Quiz to Test Your Earthquake Sense...
What causes earthquakes? Can you protect yourself from one? Take this quiz to check your knowledge about earthquakes - especially those near San Francisco.

Earthquake Facts and Earthquake Fantasy
This sites gives some interesting facts and history relating to earthquakes.  

Earthquake Model
This Web page details an earthquake model you can easily make and run on a table top to simulate different kinds of faults. 

A Crossword Puzzle to Have Fun Learning
How much do you know about earthquakes? Do you know how to protect yourself during one? Use this crossword puzzle to check your knowledge. The puzzle and clues can be printed out, or you may link to an interactive java puzzle.