Date Sun, 16 Mar 2003 002548 -0700

From meredithlamb <meredithlamb at earthlink dot net>


Subject Note of a new neodymium magnet seller

Hi all,

If you've always been wanting a certain size very strong gauss N45 magnet for you project, I would recommend this seller to email write too .  His name is John Bauer. He currently sells mostly N45 grade magnets on E-Bay, under the handle of "thugdaddy1". His E-Bay record thus far is unblemished, with no complaints.  The N45 grade magnets are the strongest gauss usually sold commercially. N45 grade magnets are alittle physically frailer than lesser grade magnets, so extra care should be exercised in their handling. He will commendably followup and follow through on special order magnets sizes that are either as exactly requested, or as near to such as possible. I have done so, and got excellent fast response and very reasonable prices on acouple sizes I wanted, for projects here. Both orders were for 20 pieces of each size.

Be sure to denote the polarity orientation along with size/s. The orders take ~2-4 weeks to be made and delivered. The magnets are were very well packed for shipment. John can ship anywhere as long as their is a shipping company or postal system to deliver. John is very good to work with, and he does really want the small quanity business. I've no affiliation with John; but it is sure REAL nice to have a source to go to for those special size magnets one wants.

Take care, Meredith