AnotherTwo-Liter Bottle Levitation using a Composite "Floater" 10/26/2003

Overview.  The ceramic ring magnet is held up by a 3/8-inch diameter, 24 threads per inch, threaded rod inserted in a cork that is pushed snug into the center of the magnet.

The composite "floater" consists of nine 3/32-inch cube magnets arranged in a grid pattern. ($0.15 each from Wondermagnets, #0049)

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Above them 6mm X 6mm piece of metal from a an anti-theft tag (the plastic-enclosed devices used to prevent items from being taken from a store).  Above that is a 21 mm-long steel screw with another small cube magnet at the very top.  This structure is held together magnetically.

In the background is a 1-inch diameter graphite planchet embedded in plaster. (Planchets are $8.00 for package of ten from Ted Pella, Inc.)


2 MB Video for Windows Media Player

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