More Graphite Levitation

The easiest setup for graphite levitation uses small gold-plated cubic magnets  purchased from Forcefield/Wondermagnet.  The dimensions of the small ones are 2mm on a side while the larger ones are 4mm on a side.  They also sell blocks of diamagnetic graphite that can be cut to a desired shape and size.

Click for mpeg video.

In this setup there are two rows of the larger cubes.  Note that the darkened,  (north) face of every other one is pointed up, while the rest have their south face pointing up.  A small sliver of graphite painted white with whiteout floats above the central joint.

I've tried thin pencil "lead" without success so far.  It was slightly repelled but not enough to float.



Click for mpeg video.

A thin round graphite disk, painted white with whiteout, floats above a 6x6 square of small cubes.  They are arranged in a checkerboard pattern of north-up next to south up cubes.