July 4, 2002

dual_mag.jpg (302970 bytes)

Dual magnets with North faces up on an iron base and with an iron spacer.

Two thin strips cut from Sci-Toy graphite and glued together to form a T.  A single strip of this graphite will rotate to this position (|) and sink to the bottom of a U-shaped levitation setup.  With another strip glued to form the top of the T, levitation is now possible.


sci_toy_lev.jpg (161184 bytes)

The "T" is almost floating with this arrangement.  Both magnets have their N poles on top (they repel).  The iron strip between them brings a S pole up underneath the graphite.  The magnets are strongly attracted to the iron base plate, so they will remain in this repelling arrangement.



ang_fe_top.jpg (264280 bytes)

Angle iron arrangement using 1/2x1/2x1/4 magnets with poles on the upper 1/2x1/4 faces.

The pole arrangement is:
      N S N
      S N S
      S N S
      N S N

As Chris suggested, it is necessary for the top edge of the angle iron to be open, rather than covered by the two rows of magnets.  The nuts can be turned to adjust the position of the rod that holds the magnets in position.



The end of a floating 0.7mm lead pokes out from between the magnets.



ang_fe_end.jpg (167655 bytes)

End view of levitated lead.