July 9, 2002

This is my dual angle iron setup.



I am floating a 60 mm long 1.4 mm diameter Faber-Castel B lead with a small sliver of science-toy graphite hanging from the center.


splitaaclose.jpg (320189 bytes)

Click to enlarge this view of the lead floating on the magnetic field produced by 10 pairs of 3/16" cubes with all of their north poles facing the graphite.

Without the sci-toy graphite, the rod is unstable and will travel left or right until it hits the magnets or angle iron.  With the sci-toy graphite, if the space between the angle irons is too wide, then there are two stable positions either side of the exact center.  The ideal space is just narrow enough for the rod to return to the center from either direction.


The period of this arrangement still tends to be between 2 and 3 seconds, but minor adjustments could increase this.  At one point I had a period of about 5 or 6 seconds when the outer ends of each angle iron were elevated.


The period of this setup will probably be amplitude dependent, with lower amplitudes having longer periods.