Meredith Lamb's Levitated Graphite

This setup uses two 'Sedona2' 6-inch long magnets mounted on machinist blocks that are clamped on a 1/8-inch thick by .5" wide iron bar that is slightly scooped toward the center along its upper surface.  A Faber-Castel 1.4 mm-diameter pencil lead with a thin copper foil wrapped around it is floating.  The period of large amplitude vibrations was approximately 5 seconds.

Sedona2 refers to Dale Young's handle on Ebay when he sells magnets.  The pair shown above are have 5" x .5" pole faces and are 0.2" thick.  The minimum bid is $32.50 for two magnets.

This photo shows Meredith's current H-type design.  The three magnets are Sedona2 with 3" by 0.5" pole faces, 0.2" thick, with the same pole on top for all three.  The H is constructed of a thin mica square and four strips cut from 'science toy' pyrolytic graphite.   Each magnet has a strip of iron strapping material along its upper face.  This iron strip significantly increases the lift.  The assembled H weighs about one gram and will still levitate with an additional gram of added weight.