Sources of Magnets

Discarded microwave oven:  There are two large doughnut-shaped magnets (~6cm outside diameter with ~2cm diameter center hole)  that can be removed from the oven's magnetron.  WATCH OUT:  Discharge the large capacitor before working within the case of a microwave oven.

Radio Shack Cat. No. 64-1895

Package of two small rare earth magnets that are ideal for levitation experiments.

In the Denver, Colorado, region:  (Out of stock as of September, 2003!)

K&K Surplus  ( )
8381 Brighton Rd. 
Commerce City, CO 80022 
(1/2 Mile South of the Mile High Flea Market)
phone: (303) 287-7195 
fax: (303) 287-7885

Ask about the very strong magnet sets that sell for $15 each.

Mail Order:

Applied Magnets:

Gaussboys NdFeB magnets:

K&J Magnetics: NdFeB magnets:

        Amazing Magnets: NdFeB magnets

        John Bauer:  For special orders of very strong magnets.

Forcefield:  NdFeB magnets: A great source for rare earth magnets.

Dowling Magnet: A large variety of magnets and magnet kits.

VAC Magnetics Corporation
    Edition 2000 Catalog Appendix: Page 40, Page41, Page 42

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