AS1 Seismic System Photos

The system is enclosed by a plastic cover. The cover does not come with the AS1 system, but is a good idea to prevent drafts from creating noise. The cover can be purchased for $40 from:
E & A International
4801 Ellison Street #G NE
Albuquerque, NM 87109
Tel: 505-345-4101
Fax: 505-345-4101
Contact: Istvan Matyasi

 Note Swiss army knife in foreground for scale.
All materials are aluminum except for the steel spring, steel damping bolt and washer, magnet, and steel front bolt and washer (for extra mass).  There are three brass leveling screws threaded through the aluminum base.  The left end of the horizontal boom is sharpened and rests in a groove on the vertical mast.
Close up of the damping system, moving magnet, and fixed coil. A better damping system is described HERE.
Spring and Boom
Power Supply, Amplifier, and AD
setup.gif (177816 bytes)
Wiring connections and schematic drawing

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