Testing the AS1 Black Box

The following circuit may be used to test the AS1 black box.

Today (5/12/2005) I tried my idea of feeding the black box with a small voltage.  I used a nominal 1.5 V battery in series with a 1 ohm and a 100 kohm resistor.  I attached wires across the 1 ohm resistor and attached them to the black box in place of the AS1 sensor.  This should give a voltage of 15 microvolts.  However I measured the battery voltage as 1.36 V and the resistors as 1.6 ohm and 92.4 kohm.  This works out to 24 microvolts.  My meter doesn't work at that low a level, so I couldn't measure it directly.

The calibration procedure is: 

bulletDetach the AS1 wires and attach the 1 ohm resistor across the black box
bulletWait 60 seconds
bulletAttach the battery and the 100 k ohm resistor, as shown, to generate the first pulse
bulletWait 60 seconds
bulletDetach the battery and the 100 k ohms to generate the second pulse
bulletWait 60 seconds
bulletRemove the 1 ohm resistor and re attach the AS1 sensor again.

Here's what the signal looked like when I applied and then removed this small voltage: