Saving a daily helicorder image

In a directory on your AmaSeis computer, put these files:
makebat.exe  (The source code for makebat.exe is makebat.for.)

Edit savefile.ini so that there is a line with the name of the original image file and a line with the name of the directory where you want to save the daily files.

From an Explorer window, right click on savefile.bat and select "Create shortcut."

Then right click on "Shortcut to savefile.bat" and select "Properties."  On the Shortcut tab, set Run: to "Minimized."

Next, click on Start/Programs/Accessories/System Tools/Scheduled Tasks. 

Click on Add Scheduled Task. 
Follow the dialog, browsing to "Shortcut to savefile.bat." 
Give it a name, such as "Daily save." 
Perform the task:  Daily
Set the time for the task to be very close to the end of the UT day, such as 23:59 UT.  In the US this will be 5, 6, 7, or 8 hours earlier during Standard Time (Winter months).

Savefile will run makebat, which reads savefile.ini, and create a one-line batch file named copyone.bat.  Copyone.bat will contain just one line similar to the following:
    copy c:\education\as1\image.gif c:\education\as1\archive\20041219.gif

The archived image file will be named for the year, month, and day.