MWSnap Instructions


MWSnap, along with some other public domain software, may be used to send helicorder images to a web server.  Here are the steps necessary to accomplish this:


  1. Create the directory   c:\amasend
  2. Down load the following files into this directory:
    Shortcut to
  3. Run MWSnap.exe (double click on it) and set it up as follows:
    Tools/Hotkeys (Ctrl F1 is the only active hotkey):

    Tools/Settings/Auto-saving (change test.gif to the "code for your station".gif):

    Tools/Settings/General (do not confirm files overwriting):

    Tools/Settings/Snapping (Do not restore MWSnap after snapping):

    Apply and exit MWSnap.  These setting will be saved.
  4. Right click on Shortcut to and select Properties.
    In the Cmd line: change "test" to the code for your station.
    (Just the code, not code.gif).

    Click on OK to save this change.
  5. Now, to start the program working, follow these steps:
    --Double click on MWSnap.exe.  Once it's running, minimize it.
    --Double click on Shortcut to
        (A DOS window will open and if everything goes OK will look like this:)

  6. Mimimize the DOS window and start AmaSeis (if it's not running already) and make sure the AmaSeis window is visible on the screen.
  7. Check that your images are getting sent by looking at the file: (change test to the code for your station).
  8. Once it's working, let John Lahr know so that the image can be added to the AS1 image page.
  9. Note:  to kill the DOS programs, click on the X at the upper right.  Then click End Now in the Windows popup window, and click on the X again and the program will stop running.
  10. Let me know if you run into any problems!