This is a small event near Maupin, Oregon.  It's not located very close to Corvallis, but I thought I would take a look to see if I recorded anything.

Nothing was apparent on my filtered helicorder record, as I usually have it set to watch for distant earthquakes with a band pass filter enhancing periods of 12 to 25 seconds.

I turned off the filter and still nothing showed up:

However, when I filtered to enhance short periods of 0.3 to 2 seconds, something showed up around 15:03:


I extracted data starting at the origin time of 15:02:06 in order to take a closer look. 

The first view after extracting is always unfiltered, so the event was none too obvious:

To enhance the frequencies of interest, I applied a high-pass filter with corner set to 2 seconds. 

This is starting to look promising, with a clear increase in amplitude around 15:03.

I turned off automatic scaling to get a better look at the seismogram.  This is done with Control/Scale, uncheck the box for "Automatic scaling" and enter a number for Maximum amplitude that will force the seismogram to be plotted with a more restricted amplitude range.

Next I entered the location parameters from the USGS site into Settings/Event...

The heading on the extracted event now gives the earthquake location and the distance to my station:

Placing the seismogram on the travel time graph with the leading edge on the y axis (which corresponds to the origin time) and the vertical position at 1.76 degrees to agree with the computed distance, it's clear that the arrival that I'm seeing is the S phase.  It comes in a few seconds later than the green line would suggest, which could be due to many factors.  In particular, the generic travel time lines plotted may not match the Earth in this region.

I would not attempt to pick the P-phase arrival time, as it seems to be lost in the background noise.

Robert Buttler's station in Portland is much closer so his record shows a clear P and S phase.

Bob's clock is apparently about 10 seconds slow, as the arrivals are about 10 s later than expected for the distance to Portland.