Educational Seismic Records from the
Magnitude 7.6 Pakistan earthquake of October 8, 2005

USGS Web Information as of 02:00 UTC 10/09/2005

For comparison, here the record from the research instrument located at Corvallis, Oregon.

State University of New York,
Binghamton University
North Lincoln High School,
Lincolnton, North Carolina
Boston College, Massachusetts
Weston Observatory, Massachusetts
Mattawan High School, Michigan
Ida Middle School, Ida, Michigan
Chippewa Hills High School, Michigan
West Lafayette, Indiana
DaVinci Academy, Elgin, Illinois
Erie Middle School, Erie, Illinois
Santa Fe Prep School, New Mexico
Sarracino Middle School,
Socorro, New Mexico
Phoenix Country Day School,
Phoenix, Arizona
Unless otherwise noted, these records are from AS1 vertical seismic systems which are being recorded by AmaSeis as part of the IRIS Seismograph in Schools program.
Universal Time (UTC) is displayed on the record.