Helicorder Screen Saver

It's possible to set up a screen saver that will display a helicorder image.  First, select the desired station from this page:  http://jclahr.com/science/psn/as1/heli/allas1.php

Right-click on the image and select "View Image" from the pop-up menu.  Make a note of the URL.  For example, the URL for the Phoenix Country Day School (PHAZ) is:  http://www.pcds.org/share/earthquake/msearthquake.jpg

Create a folder for this work.  I created c:\AmaScreen.

Add the program wget.exe to this folder.  wget.exe         (Part of the free GNU package: wget-1.8.1b.zip)

Open the NotePad editor and paste in the following line:

wget -o get_heli.log -N [URL]

Replace [URL] with the URL you've decided on.  For this example, the line becomes:

wget -o get_heli.log -N http://www.pcds.org/share/earthquake/msearthquake.jpg 

Save this as get_heli.bat in the directory you created above.

To summarize so far, you've picked a gif image, created a directory, and created a file named get_heli.bat in that directory.

Test that your "batch" file is working by double clicking on get_heli.bat.  Two new files should appear, on named get_heli.log has a blow by blow description of what happened, the other, will be the image file that you selected, in this case msearthquake.jpg.  If msearthquake.jpg doesn't show up, take a look at the log file to see what went wrong.

Next a scheduled task needs to be set up so that the get_heli.bat program is run every few minutes.

Click on Start/Programs/Accessories/System Tools/Scheduled Tasks.  A screen like this will appear:

Double click on Add Scheduled Task to start the Scheduled Task Wizard.  Click on Next.

In the next window click on Browse, navigate to get_heli.bat, highlight it and click Open in the Select Program to Schedule window.

On the next screen, click on Daily, keep the name get_heli, and click Next

In the next window, just check Every Day and then click on Next.

The next screen requires a user and a password:

In the next screen check the box next to "Open advanced.."  The click on Finish.

On the next screen, on the Schedule tab enter Every 1 day, click on Advanced button,  Repeat every 10 minutes, and set maximum duration to 24 hours.

Click OK on both screens and the task is scheduled.

To summarize, at this point you've created a batch file that copies an image to the AmaScreen directory and you've set up a scheduled task to run the batch file every 10 minutes.

Next it's necessary to set up the screen saver to display this image.

Right click on the desk top image and select Properites to bring up this window:

On the Screen Saver tab, set the Screen saver to "My Pictures Slideshow."  Also set the idle time to wait before the screen saver starts up.

Click on Settings and fill in the entries as below.  You will need to use the Browse feature to navigate to the AmaScreen folder.

Click OK to close down the two open windows and you're done!  Wait 5 minutes and the helicorder image should show up on your screen.