SnagIt Setup for Version 8

Once you have installed version 8 of SnagIt, if you were running an earlier version, scroll down to My Profiles.  Your profile from the earlier version will appear.  Click on it, then press the Capture button, and everything should be working as before.


If this is the first version of SnagIt that you’ve run, then follow the steps below to set up automatic capture every 10 minutes.  In these steps the “Full Screen” profile will be modified and saved as “AmaSeis 10 minutes.”


After clicking on “Full Screen,” click on Output.  Select “FTP” and deselect “Preview Window.”  The output drop-down menu will look like the one below:



Fill in the FTP Output Properties as below, changing “XXNY.gif” to your 4-letter station code dot gif. For example, my station uses CHOR.gif.  

The password is your valid E-mail address.

Remote path:  pub/dropoff/amaseis



Click on the clock icon within the Options area and enable timer-activated capture every 10 minutes.



The SnagIt screen should now look like this.  Click on the “plus sign” near the upper right to save this profile.



 I’ve saved mine as “AmaSeis 10 minute.”





Press capture button in lower right corner.  When SnagIt returns to the screen, minimize it.  The program will continue sending screen images to the Internet every 10 minutes.


Whenever the computer is rebooted, SnagIt will start running, but will not start timed capture until the capture button is pressed again.


To check if SnagIt is working, just look for your gif file in this directory:

It will only be there briefly before it's transferred to this location:


Then it may not appear on this summary page:

unless we're already expecting the image to show up.  Contact John Lahr if the summary page needs to

be updated to include your station's image.


It's a good idea to turn off screen popup messages from SnagIt via setting on the Tools/Program Preferences/Notifications screen.  Otherwise SnagIt will wait for a keyboard response every time there is a problem contacting the Internet.  Usually problems only occur occasionally and the next helicorder image goes out without a problem.




Once SnagIt is working, and helicorder records are showing up on the summary page, contact John Lahr for license information. <johnjan at lahr dot org>. Then from the SnagIt screen, click on "Help/Enter Software Key" to open the following window for the license information.