After setting up and running Snagit, here's how to check if your images are getting to IRIS.

Use a web browser view of the initial destination of the
incoming snagit transfers:

Naturally they don't last long there, perhaps a minute, until a cron job sees them and moves them to this directory.  Check here to see if the image made it, and if so the last time the image was updated by the cron job:

For an in-depth view of all of the recent file transactions on the IRIS site, look at this log file:

Use your browser's  "find" command for the station code for your station.  This will show if it arrived and, if so, how it was processed.

Finally, even if the file is seen and processed correctly by the cron job, and lands in  it still will not be included on this page: if it's a new station.  If that's the case, let Russ Welti at IRIS know.