Magnitude 7.3 Caribbean Earthquake Martinique Region, Windward Islands

Thursday, November 29, 2007 at 19:00:19 UTC

(11:00:19 AM Pacific Standard Time)

Epicenter: Latitude 14.921N, Longitude 61.264W

Depth: approximately 145 kilometers.

The Cocos plate is underthrusting the western edge of the Caribbean plate, while the eastern edge of the plate is be underthrust by the oceanic lithosphere created at the mid-Atlantic ridge. From:

Today’s earthquake occurred within subducted oceanic lithosphere that has been subducted below the Martinique region.






Plate tectonic motion vectors.


Map view of Caribbean seismicity, January 1, 1960, - November 30, 2007. (Map created by the program SeismicEruption.)


Box with arrows shows the region selected for the cross section in the next figure.


The westward dipping zone of seismicity occurs within the subducted lithosphere.


CHOR Helicorder record.


CHOR Seismogram filtered with a low-pass filter with corner set to 10 seconds. 
Sac-formatted file:  2007112919.sac.


The P and S phases are both quite clear.