TO: John Lahr, Geophysicist & Thomas Boyd, Associate Professor
FROM: Team Lead Heads
DATE: December 2, 2002
SUBJECT: Report on Diamagnetic Suspension Seismometers 

We have attached the report entitled Diamagnetic Suspension Seismometer by team Lead 
Heads, which you have requested.

The report provides information on our design of the diamagnetic suspension 
seismometer. It provides information on how our seismometer works, why it is an ideal 
solution to this project, and our subsystems, which include:

bulletMaterials and Cost
bulletGraphite and Magnets
bulletLED and Photo resistor
bulletOverall Design
bulletResearch and Technological Information

The main focus of the paper however, is on the final solution, specifications, and 
analysis of our design. We have produced a diamagnetic suspension seismometer 
levitating a rod of graphite above two rows of magnets. With the aid of a LED and photo 
resistor we are able to accomplish the proposed task. The seismometer can detect an 
earthquake of amplitude six or greater at any distance with a twenty second period and 
costs less than $150.00.

diamag.jpg (164642 bytes)

We hope our design fully meets and exceeds your expectations, and that it can be 
implemented easily. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Heather Fenstemaker 
by phone at 303-289-2376 or via e-mail at Thank you once 
again for the opportunity to work on this project.

Matt Briggs
Brooke Carmack
Heather Fenstemaker
Brodie Griffin
Jason Millheim

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Executive Summary

Final Report


AutoCad Drawing


Meredith Lamb 1/2/2002