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Nice recording!

You can use this on-line site to compute the expected arrival times of various phases to your station:

This can help in interpretation.

Also, once you have saved the seismogram in .sac format you can use AmaSeis as an analysis tool.

For my recording (also using a SEP instrument) I entered both my station coordinates and the coordinates of the earthquake into AmaSeis and the display header now includes the distance to the earthquake.
AmaSeis allows the seismogram to be placed on a travel-time graph, which helps in identifying phases.  In this case the P arrival is in the shadow zone from the core but PP comes in strong.


At 07:01 AM 6/27/2008, you wrote:

With the help of this list I managed to make a lowpass filter at 0.5
Hz and I also got various tips for improving the case.  I got it up
and running in an improved state yesterday and all was set for a quake
to test it.

I noticed some pretty strong distortions beginning 11:52 UTC today and
picking up a lot about 12:24.  I checked www.usgs.gov and there was a
6.7 quake off India at 11:40, which I presume is a candidate.  My
location is Oslo, Norway.

Since I'm totally new to seismology, would anyone on this list comment
on the plot that my seismometer produced, does it look like a quake
and does my seismometer seem to work properly?

Here's a plot of the incident:


Live data for the past 24 hours on: http://voksenlia.net/met/seismometer/

Steinar Midtskogen

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