Seismic Programs by Bob McClure

As of July, 2008, Bob's programs are located on this web site: .  The programs below will not be updated over time, so the best source is Bob's own web site.

Seismic Programs for use with a DATAQ A/D.

A vertical seismometer design tool.

Calculators, including one for S-P distance.

Magnitude calculators.

WinQuake and SAC Utility Programs

BinPatch, a versatile program for  reading and patching binary files.

SeisSim, program to illustrate the response of a damped pendulum seismometer to various driving functions and output filtering.

TravelTime, a program that plots and curve fits data read in from the Jeffreys and Bullen Seismological Tables.

FFT Demo Program

Schematic and photo of a once-per-minute time marker generator.

The history of my sensor designs.

Horizontal sensor.

Vertical sensor.

Calibration of sensor response.

Period-extending filter algorithm and analysis.

Examples showing the benefit of a period-extending digital filter.