HYPO71 is a very old program -- more than 30 years old -- that was used for many years in the 1970's and early 1980's for routine earthquake processing at the US Geological Survey in Menlo Park, CA,  and also at many seismic networks around the World. 

This archive is from the CD attached to the "International Handbook of Earthquake and Engineering Seismology", edited by Lee, Kanamori, Jennings, and Kisslinger, Part B, Academic Press, 2003.

The files are:

  1. hypo71.zip (177 KB): A zip file containing the source code of HYPO71, and 4 files for HYPO71PC, which is the PC version of the HYPO71. These 4 files include the HYPO71PC source code, executive code, an input file for testing, and the expected output file. The executive HYPO71PC.exe can be run under the "Command Prompt" on a PC running under the Windows XP operating system.

  2. hypo71manual.pdf (3.4 MB):  The users (Revised) manual for HYPO71 in PDF format.  (Lee and Lahr, 1975; listings of the computer files are omitted because readers can list these files themselves).

  3. 8517.html (6 KB): A description of HYPO71 from Chapter 85.17 of the "International Handbook of Earthquake and Engineering Seismology."

  4. 8517_discussion.html (6 KB): A discussion of the earthquake location problem.

 Related Publications of W.H.K. Lee

  1. lee-et-al_1972.pdf (1.6 MB): The USGS Open-file Report by Lee and others -- "A Method of Estimating Magnitude of Local Earthquakes from Signal Duration."

  2. lee_and_stewart_1981.zip:  (15.8 MB):  The 307-page, 1981 book by Lee and others in PDF format -- "Principals and Applications of Microearthquake Networks."

Key Content Areas:
bulletData Processing Procedures
bulletSeismic Ray Tracing for Minimum Time Path
bulletGeneralized Inversion and Nonlinear Optimization
bulletMethods of Data Analysis
bulletGeneral Applications
bulletApplications of Earthquake Prediction


Willie Lee